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When Old Men Grooving Battled DiversityAshley Banjo

When we as Old Men Grooving performed at the final of Britain’s Got Talent we never expected such great comments and look what the Daily Mirror said. which was that Ashley Banjo is a choreographic Genius and we totally agree.

The Mirror said and we quote:

“His nostalgic interlude act featuring the likes of George Sampson , Diversity, Old Men Grooving and Stavros Flatley was the most exhilarating 10 minutes of live TV this year.”

We were honoured to asked to peform with him and his group and we can really attest to his professionalism in this matter. Diversity are still as exciting to watch as when they first came onto the show back in 2009.

Having just watched the video again again it still sparks of the timeless brilliance that is Diversity and they have just got better, even more creative and professional.

Fred from OMG said about a year ago ” Wouldn’t it be great if we could battle Diversity on TV?” and guess what it happened and he could not contain his smile.

OMG Diversity battle

We would also like to take our hat off to all the other acts that we performed with as without them all we would not have got the accolade we ae privy to at this time.

If you want to se the Daily Mirror article Click Here

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