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Big Thank You From Old Men Grooving . .old men grooving salutes BGT finalists

It’s been an amazing weekend and we can only thank you for all your support and enthusiasm towards us, and the show on the final and what we do in general.

Lets not take the energy away from the finalists that were on stage before we went on to perform, the standard was truly phenomenal, like we always say we are so humbled to be on the stage with such fine talent and great people.

The winner Richard Jones, the soldier who tugged at the heart strings of the nation truly did deserve to win, as his creativity using patrotism to fuel his act worked hand over fist. His simple approach to magic is very entertaining so lets give a whoop whoop! to Richard Jones.

Below are the list of the finalists, we thought we would share that with you as they all triumphed over thousands of people and we know how that feels.

Final list of results

  1. Winner: Richard Jones- Just magic!
  2. Wayne Woodward – ‘The Frank Sinatra reborn kid’
  3. Boogie Storm – ‘Storm stroopers who can dance’
  4. Jasmine Elcock – ‘ The school girl with the voice of an angel’
  5. Beau Dermott – ‘Another angelic voice destined for big things’
  6. Craig Ball – The original  singing video voiceover guy’
  7. Trip Hazard – ‘The dog that is a superhero’
  8. 100 Voices of Gospel – ‘Gospel choir and singing at a completely different level’
  9. Alex Magala– ‘ The sword eating phenomenon’
  10. Balance Unity – ‘ The dynamic street dancing kid’
  11. Shannon and Peter ‘Beautiful dancing from a lovely couple’
  12. Mel and Jamie ‘ The mother and son who sing amazingly’

We would finally like to wish all the finalists a very bright future and never stop moving forward.


Bret, Phil,Fred ‘Realness’, David and Patrick AKA Old Men Grooving

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