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VIP-Club-listNewsflash! Did You Pick Up The Free Guide?

 . . Because it gets you a free pass to join the Old Men Grooving VIP Club List.

For those that did  . .Welcome!

Why Are we Doing This?

We want to offer you something that is very cool from us. ..but we kind of felt people think it’s going to be serious. The truth is . . . it’s not.

We have put together a guide that will make you see the light hearted side of what we do .

Do We Take Ourselves Seriously?

You may have already guessed this but we don’t! . .  as the guide is called ‘10 Things You Must Never Do If You Want To Be A Cool Dancer’ and it outlines in a easy to read downloadable format, things that you should not do if you want to look cool whist dancing.  . .  Funny that  . . .

This could be anything from finding the beat in the music to taking selfies.

We want to bring the feeling of anyone can dance to the forefront in a light hearted manner and this is one of our first steps in that direction.

Not only that we want to connect with you and have you in our OMG VIP Club list which you will be part of when you get this guide.

In the VIP Club we will share:-

  • Valuable stuff that will give you the feel good factor.
  • OMG News
  • Dates of when and where we will be performing
  • Any Competitions you can be a part of
  • Info on shows and groovy party nights

. . and much much more. So let’s get the nation grooving.

What are you waiting for go Click on the Button below and get your copy and be part of the excitement that is OMG



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