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What Do You Do For Father’s Day?

The media hypes up Father’s day and somethines people feel under pressure to react as with many of the holidays throughout the year. We would like to give you some tips to help you celebrate.

  1. Think about your dad. He does a lot so it’s good to not go down the generic route and plan something real cool.OMG-fathers-day--pic
  2. Think about what makes him happy . . . to get in line with this cast your mind back to when he did something truly awesome for you. We all have at least one of those moments
  3. Get a fathers day card or even make one. IMPORTANT: try to avoid leaving it to the last minute as you will get to the card shop and see empty shelves. You are looking for a card that fits his personality and if you are late to the act you will find your options somewhat limited.
  4. Gifts do not have to be expensive. You can only buy so many socks or ties and dad can only wear so many so try to think out of the box. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and are made from scratch. Depending on your creative skills or motivation, really think about this.
  5. Let him have a lie -in . .  as it’s very easy to get over excited and plan too much. He may just want to relax and not  be overwhelmed. Try asking him what he would like to do.
  6. Try returning a favour.  This is an easy one. If he does something for you all the time, do it for him. Examples of this are if he makes you breakfast, make it for him,  or on the hand if he goes and buys his own newspaper, get it for him to save him the trip.
  7. Get the family together. This can make for a special day if you can round up other members of the family, even try and make it a surprise for sometime in the day, if the weather is good try having a barbecue.fathers-day--phil
  8. Activity on fathers day. This can go down really well but you have to take into consideration what kind of father your dad is. He may enjoy going fishing or visiting a football match.
  9. Get out the old photo album  . . . or if you are tech savy prepare a slideshow showing you and your dad as you were growing up and the experiences you shared. We just know you will find this exciting as it will bring bck memories you would have forgotten.
  10. If you are a spouse then appreciate him by making a special dinner or going out to your favourite restaurant or get his favourite food that sparks of nostalgia.

These are our Old Men Grooving Top 10 Tips for Fathers Day. we hope you enjoy your time with your dads. If you want more information join our old men grooving VIP Club list below and we will keep you updated. Happy Fathers Day!



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