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International Groove OMG In MexicoOMGB Mexico 1


September 2015 was another fantastic stage of our OMG journey. We were invited to bring our Dad’s dancing  to an event in Plays Del Carmen, Mexico.

This International event was called by ‘Destination Britain- Americas’ and was held at the luxurious Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla hotel by visit Britain. VisitBritain

The event was an opportunity for British tourism suppliers to meet up to 150 of the best tour operators from the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Columbia. It was an honour to be invited to perform at such a great event that promoted Great Britain.

Introducing . . . #OMGB

To our amazement the National Tourism Agency Visit Britain launched a social media campaign called #OMGB encouraging visitors to share their memorable moments whilst on a trip to Great Britain.

Our memorable moment was the fact that there is a British TV show that has become a house hold name across the world that discovers and uncovers talent from around Great Britain.

Global Grooving

The response from around the world has been amazing with positive feedback from North and South America, various countries in Europe all the way to Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to promote dancing for all ages and show how much fun and enjoyment you can have once you have found your groove.

Below are the highlights in a short video that outlines what the event was all about.

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